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Owning, Loving, and Enjoying Ridgebacks since 1973

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a remarkable animal; smart, sensitive, incredibly loyal, elegantly beautiful. The history of the ridgeback adds to his mystique. The ridgeback was bred for a specific purpose in the wilds of Africa. Today, although we aren't hunting lions, we can all benefit from the character, nature and physical attributes that the early pioneers and hunters relied on. The modern ridgeback can still hunt, herd, and protect, yet be an integral part of the family, romping through the yard chasing real and imaginary prey, or cuddling gently with the children. These are the qualities that have endeared the ridgeback to our family. This website is a tribute to the hunters, pioneers, kennel owners and breed advocates that made the ridgeback the wonderful companion it is today. Please read on to discover more about this African Legend.

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 Exciting news!!                                  Introducing our newest family members, Dawn & Dancer (Glenaholm Dawn Jubilation & Glenaholm Joyful Dancer)                                   Check our "News" page!              

Moving Forward! We have retired three of our foundation dogs from our Legendz breeding program. We are thankful for the fantastic bloodlines from Selah, Saber and Devash and for the three outstanding male offspring (each the pick of a different litter) who will continue this heritage into future Legendz generations.


Legendz Mustafa of Mozambique (Hank) @ 10 mos.





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